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7 Key benefits to using the T3 Systems.

The T3 Systems provides users with unlimited design and display flexibility and capabilities. It is turning some heads within the industry and allowing users to create eye catching and dynamic displays.

Why are so many companies turning towards the T3 Systems? Here are 7 key benefits to using the T3 System for all their display and event purposes.

  • Easy to transport and store

The entire range is modular. Large scale designs can be flat packed and stored efficiently into a range of cases and bags. Saving on logistical and storage costs

  • Customizable

Our profiles are produced in either standard of custom sizes. This provides complete product and system flexibility

  • No tools

The patented and famous twist lock assembly method means that no tools or levers are required to assemble T3 Frame solutions

  • Fast Build times

Due to its modular design and tool free assembly, structures take a fraction of the time to build. Saving on expensive labour costs

  • Lightweight Design

Developed to be a strong and lightweight solution, allowing for costs to be saved on packaging and transport

  • Modular Components

The framework system has been designed as a modular solution. This allows for displays to be reconfigured and redesigned efficiently.

  • Reuse and Reconfigure

Easily develop initial stands into more elaborate designs. By simply adding profiles and components structures can be completely reconfigured to reuse at different events and with different purposes.

TWIST – LOCK – CONNECT  :  Visit www.next-xpo.com & www.next-way.eu

Next-way présente les services et divisions pour 2018.

Un aperçu de nos services : ( 25 ans d’expérience dans la production d’identité Visuelle )

  • Mise en page et Prépresse.
  • Production de vos impressions
  • Trading / optimisation de vos productions
  • Placement et logistique.

Nos Divisons spécialisées :

  •  Next-Xpo : Location et Vente de système Modulaire
  • Next-Mgt : Gestion projet et maitrise d’ouvrage
  • Next-Lab : Vente et placement de films techniques, film solaire, sécurité et film de décoration.

Plus d’informations sur : www.next-way.eu


Renowned for its patented, modular twist lock assembly method. T3 Frame is developed to be one of the most versatile and innovative solutions in the creation of display solutions.

From dynamic and engaging exhibition environments to museums and conferences sets, the T3 Frame it can be used to fulfil every need.

With its range of accessories and multiple extrusions, its allows for complete flexibility and creative innovation when designing display solutions. All graphic options may be applied as well as custom and bespoke components: Profiles can be curved to almost any degree, angled components can be produced and tube sizes can be cut to within the millimetre.

When it comes to T3 frame it’s a simple TWIST – LOCK – CONNECT.

Visit www.next-xpo.com or send mail at  info@next-xpo.com

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