Olson Visual and T3 Systems brings projection mapping into the fold.

The brief called for the design and manufacture of a conference display wall for the Encore productions located in Las Vegas.

A large display wall needed to be situated on the stage and serve as a backdrop for the numerous speakers that were to present at the event.

The design included two projection screens and custom cut out illuminated circles.

The projection screens consisted of rear projection film material which were edged in Velcro and stretched over the T3 bars.

The screens were used to project a variety of slides, videos and PowerPoint media for the speakers to use during their presentations.

As for the custom ‘halo’ circles, these consisted of 1/4-inch-thick foam core board onto which LED tape was installed onto the back to give it the halo effect.

The circles were then mounted onto the framework and under the graphic.

Technics : T3 Frame
Distributor : OLSON Visual USA
Build Times : 2 hours / 2 people