VR Gaming booths made easy; VRX Networks and Olson Visual use the T3 Affinity system to create an immersive movie promotion..

The brief called for the design and building of a framework that could house a VR interactive gaming experience located at the Intu Lakeside mall located in West Thurrock, United Kingdom.

The design for the display required that the display allow for multiple players to immerse themselves in the game and promote the movie to the public be developed.

The display consisted of a cross section design which allowed for four stations to be implemented, each with its own VR headset, controllers and adjoining monitor to view the game play.

Three other large monitors played promotional videos and trailers to attract the public.

Another key aspect of the design is a staging area for event staff to interact and take payment from clients which can also accommodate merchandising.

VRX Networks is using this virtual reality kiosk to showcase their VR social gaming solution, whereby shoppers can pay-to-play.

Technics : T3 Affinity
Distributor : Olson Visual USA
Build Times : 4 hours / 2 people
Dimensions : 400 x 400 x 220cm