Olson Visual uses T3 to completely transform CineEurope Conference Hall for new film releases.


The brief for project called for Olson Visual to create a display to help promote and highlight new film releases by Paramount. Paramount Pictures International wanted to fill a hallway at CineEurope with illuminated structures that would bring attention to 2 new releases namely Mission Impossible: Fallout and Bumblebee.  


Olson Visual has been a vendor to Paramount Pictures for 20 years and with this being their third CineEurope event where they have provided service to Paramount they knew exactly how to fill the brief for event. 

What Olson Visual delivered was a striking, multi-faceted display. Consisting of two features which provided Paramount with the utmost display versatility and functionality for the event.  

The first feature was one large T3 Light wall measuring approximately 16 metres in length and 2 metres in height. It used the combination between silicon edged fabric graphics and the T3 Frame‘s Fusion tube with a Silverlite extrusion. The structure was then illuminated using the T3Wandlite solution. A section was created using curved profiles to simulate Paramount Studios’ iconic gate entrance and had a LED wall behind it.  Paramount wanted the LED screens to show trailers and special content to the attendees of the conference. 

The second feature consisted of 9 double sided T3Liteboxes each measuring 1.5m wide and 2.5m high. These were displayed in various parts of the event and moved to accommodate different events that Paramount held.  

T3Liteboxes can be designed to customer or standard sizes and provides a vibrant and versatile solution to graphic displays. To find out more about this solution visit the product page by clicking HERE 

Technics : T3 Frame + T3 Wandlite
Distributor : Olson Visual
Build Times : 8 hours  / 4 peoples
Dimensions : 16m x 2.2m
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