Ace-Diffusion uses T3 to bring a CEPV student’s counter displays design to life…

The brief for the project was that the design school Centre d’enseignement professionnel de Vevey (CEPV) wanted to create multiple counter displays for an Open Day for potential students. The display needed to be able to reconfigure and move on a day to day basis. The structure and graphics had been designed by a student of the school to showcase students work to visitors.  


The display that the design student came up with was 6 counters consisting of three different sizes that could ‘lock’ together to create a larger presentation space. The design also allowed for the display counters to be used individually. With the design in mind and the brief being fairly simple Ace Diffusion was tasked with creating a framework that would hit all the requirements of the stand.  

The counters that they created consisted of a combination between T3 Frame‘s Channel and Fusion profiles and the Silverlite and 45° extrusions.  

The counter displays needed to be cladded in fabric graphics and the Silverlite extrusions provide the most user friendly and cleanest application of silicon edged fabric graphics. The sections that weren’t covered with fabric graphics were finished with chrome steel for a cleaner finish. 

Lastly, Ace-Diffusion was able to integrate a few shelving solutions into the counters. This was achieved by using Adjustable Channel shelf supports (CHSSA) which enables users to create adhoc shelving solutions that can be adjusted to any height. View our catalogue for more shelving solutions – CLICK HERE  

The structure was designed to allow for maximum versatility when it came to reconfiguration and mobility which the team at Ace Diffusion needed to replicate in the actual structure. T3 Frame is the ultimate solution when it comes to mobile presentation counters and plinths. Ace Diffusion took full advantage of this benefit by using T3 for this project.  

Technics : T3 Frame
Distributor : Ace Diffusion
Build Times : 30 min  / 1 people
Dimensions : 320 x 110cm

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