in Iceland installed 176 T3 Booths for Vestnorden Event in Akureyi, Iceland 

The brief for the project called for Reykjavik Event Consulting (Recon) to completely transform the Akureyri Sports Hall for the long awaited Vestnorden Travel Mart Exhibition.  

Vestnorden is a West Nordic Tourism Initiative, a joint venture between Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Iceland. It is held annually in one of the three countries on a rotational basis. The trade fair acts as a platform for all the major tourism companies from the countries to come together and introduce their product offerings to foreign travel retailers.  


Recon and T3 Systems worked closely with the Vestnorden organisers to create a display to meet all their needs. After much back and forth between companies.  

The settled upon display stand was intelligently designed to help Vestnorden to reduce their overall costs, as well as be simple to install, elegant and eye catching to the large number of visitors to the exhibition.  

Consisting of a double sided T3Litebox with a T3Frame separator. The booths were created to essentially act as ‘shell scheme frameworks’ that would allow exhibitors to add their own finishing touches to.  

The T3Litebox was 1.75 m long x 2.5 m high. Designing it double sided meant that two exhibitors could utilise the same structure creating a cost effective and space efficient exhibition. The T3Frame ‘separator’ created a barrier between the exhibitors. It was connected to the T3Litebox frame using the 14mm double joiner. These structures were connected in succession to create rows of these displays. Exhibitors were able to purchase more than one booth and expand on their space. Adjusting for this eventuality was simply a case of joining two or three lightbox sections together and omit the T3Frame separator.  


Recon supplied a number of installation and setup services to the Vestnorden Travel Mart Exhibition. This is included the assembly and installation of the T3 structures, design and mounting of graphics and electrical setup. For the installation of all T3 structures took a team of 10 members a total of 26 hours to complete. This 26-hour period was broken into a 7am-10pm time period on a Saturday and Sunday.

Technics : T3 Frame + LiteBox
Distributor : RECON
Build Times : 26 hours  / 10 peoples
Dimensions : 180 x 100 x H 250 cm

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