Olson Visual helps bring light and colour on Near Future conference with Backlight Panel

The brief called for numerous graphic display (backlight panel) to be create for “Near Future conference” in 2017.

Displays were to be spread around the venue in order to bring advertise the whole event.

“The Near Future conference” is a curated event and community of entrepreneurs, activists, inventors and investors who gather to discuss and take on serious challenges.

What Olson Visual create was a series of large T3 Light walls (Backlight panel) clad with beautiful textile graphics.

Structures acted us back drops for the main stage, attendee guidance and just general lighting and ambiance creation.

The structures were built using the T3 Frame and illuminated using the T3 Wandlite

Technics : T3 Wandlite
Distributor : Olson Visual USA
Build Times : 24 hours / 8 people

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