Deleage helps BNP to create themed Pop Up Sessions with a simple twist-lock-connect

The brief for the project called for Deleage to design and create a set of displays for their client Venice Group, who had also teamed up with BNP to created 8 separate events (pop up station). The events centred around 8 themes including money, health, entertainment, millennials, cities, collaboration and lastly food.

The events take place in the head office of BNP, so the displays pop up needed to be able stored easily and assembled quickly.

Also, with the events having different themes throughout, the graphics needed to be easily interchanged.

Deleage’s design consisted of 3 large curved walls with accompanying plinths. The large curved wall provided a scenic result for the event as well as the curve providing extra stability. This was important as the event was expecting a large turn out with lots of members of the public walking around in the displays pop up.

Deleage used the T3 Frame solution to create the curved walls and plinths. Firstly, using T3 Frame allowed them to have the most versatility when it came to graphical applications. Also, the T3 Frame is one of the few modular display systems that users have the ability to create custom angles curves with.

Technics : T3 Frame
Distributor : Deleage
Build Times : 3 hours  / 3 peoples
Dimensions : 500 x 300cm