An unexpected concert: A-D-E create a pop up display for leading French artist’s virtual reality performance.

The brief for this project called for A-D-E to create a pop up virtual reality viewing area for visitors to witness Yael Naim, a leading French artist perform at the Reservoir in Paris.

The structure was built using T3 Systems’ T3 Frame and consisted of two sections. Firstly, a large viewing/hosting area and a doubled doored entrance/greeting area.

The viewing area was designed to host all the visitors of the 360° performance. The design was only required to be a simple square shape and did not require additional functionality other than hosting viewers. Cladded using semi rigid panels mounted onto the framework using velcro strips.

The entrance area was designed to resemble that of a theatre and had a set of double doors incorporated into the design. It was also to act as the storage and hand out area for all the Oculus VR headsets. The storage areas were on either side of the double doors and had ‘ticket booths’ with counters that allowed for the Unexpected Concert team to take payments and hand out the VR headsets. Numerous product racks were included into the design to house the VR headsets for safe storage.

The design incorporated a curved roof and overhead bill board, characteristic of all theatres. This was made possible due the T3 Frame being able to be curved to custom angles, a display attribute unique to the system. This section was also cladded in semi rigid panels and mounted onto the framework using velcro strips.

Technics : T3 Frame
Distributor : A-D-E
Build Times : 10 hours  / 3 people
Dimensions : 750 x 600 x 400cm