The brief for this project called for Bitmap MultiVisual to create exhibition stands for multiple exhibitors at the ONS Conference in Stavanger, Norway.

As one the world’s largest exhibitions in the energy sector, Bitmap needed to help their clients differentiate themselves from their competitors and display a variety of different products and services.
Bitmap created a variety of exceptional and innovative exhibition stands for their clients, here are few that were highlighted at the conference.

5 simple and intimate areas were created for some of their clients. The design was a table top and attached small display wall. The featured companies did not require a large space due to this design, but it was as effective as having a larger stand.

The next design that had some unique elements to it was the Bluebeam stand. Blue beam deal specifically with computer software that is used for computer aided design and pdf navigation. The design required that there be monitors to display the software as well as operating computer stations so that the booth staff could demonstrate first hand to attendees.

Lastly, was Bitmap’s own exhibition stand. The design featured something that is becoming largely witnessed and demanded within the exhibition industry, VR and AR technology. Having used a 360° camera to film videos of a drill rig and from the edge of the Pulpit Rock, Stavanger ‘one of the most amazing views in the world’ according to Discovery’s Lonely Planet. This was to display their filming capabilities and how it could relate towards the oil and gas industry. How they displayed their respective videos was by mounting large monitors to a large pillar that was placed in the middle of the stand.

Technics : T3 Frame
Distributor : BITMAP
Build Times : 24hours  / 4 people
Dimensions :