Recon helps IBTM visitors to “Meet in Reykjavik” with the T3 Frame and Wandlite..

The brief called for a large stand to be created for “Meet in Reykjavik” for the IBTM World exhibition hosted in Barcelona, Spain.

Using a combination of the T3 System’s channel and fusion profile to create the framework.

This design consisted of a variety of custom curves to be used to create a unique sweeping curve to the stand.

It was made possible because the “T3 System” is renowned for being able to create unique and stunning curved structures that few other systems can replicate.

The stand’s two large sides were wrapped with a single graphics each which gave it a strikingly clean finish.

The graphics which were printed with UV backlit fabric allowed for the entire stand to be backlit flawlessly with using the Wandlite Led tubes.

Stand design also required the incorporation of two large display monitors which were used for promotional videos created by “Meet in Reykjavik” and a functional custom door at the side of the display which allowed for the company’s event staff to use the display as storage.

These features were easily incorporated into the stand using our monitor support brackets and our array of custom doors.

Technics : T3 Frame + T3 Wandlite
Distributor : Recon germany
Build Times : 24 hours / 2 people
Dimensions : 5 x 2 x 2.5m