Display shelves: Tactic use T3 Frame to display fun and games with a simple Twist and Lock

The brief for the project called for A-D-E to create multiple point of sale display shelves for Tactic one of the strongest, most productive and fastest growing developers of board game products in Europe.

A-D-E created this outstanding display shelves point of sale for Tactic to display a variety of their board games to the public. The design featured custom display shelves and an alcove display area at the bottom.

The display shelves were fitted using our channel bracket inserts which fit into our fusion tube profile channels. This insert allows for custom size and types of shelves to be incorporated into any display and the height of the displays to be decided on an adhoc basis. This was an ideal solution for Tactic as the packaging for their board games are not of uniformed size. The alcove included in the bottom allowed for the large board games to be displayed easily.

The display was finished by cladding it in printed PVC panels mounted using Velcro and wooden shelving mounted with shelf brackets.

Because the T3 Frame was used as the framework, the display was lightweight and modular meaning that it was simple and cost effective to get to the venue. Packing into 2 compact travel cases, it was transported to the venue in the back of a car.

Technics : T3 Frame
Distributor : A-D-E
Build Times : 45mins  / 1 people
Dimensions : 80 x 180cm