T3 Systems offers practical and simple solutions to help prevent the spread of infection. Our range of products include hygiene barriers, sanitary totems and many more designed to keep people safe and reduce the risk of infection.


T3 Flexi-Curve, the ultimate solution in creating curves…

How it works: flexible extrusion can produce a display capable of multiple shapes and orientations.

  • Flexi-curve extrusion replaces rigid beams.
  • The vertical posts work as a pivot point for the ‘flex’.
  • Assembled using the same twist-lock method between tube and connector.

Lightweight extrusions make it easy to manoeuvre the display.

Benefits: unlimited versatility from a single extrusion.

  • Manoeuvrable curve means that full stand space can be utilised easily
  • Display shape can be altered without dismantling.
  • Altering curve means that graphical message can be targeted at highest concentration of people.

Use in combination with static walls for extra display versatility.

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Vidéo illustrant les avantages du système T3 tel que sa modularité & sa simplicité.

  •  montage rapide
  • peu de personnes sont nécessaires
  • pas besoin d’outillage
  • modularité “sans limite”
  • flexibilité dans les formes ( courbe, droite, angle etc )
  • possibilité d’utiliser plusieurs types éclairages :  tube Led 360°, Led, Lightbox etc.
  • Fonction budget, de l’usage habillage : tissus, pvc , Forex, Mdf, bache, Dibond etc.

Avec   le “T3”  il y a moyen de répondre à quasi toutes les demandes.

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3D du stand au Yumark Digital Show Amsterdam.

Cette animation illustre parfaitement la modularité et la complémentarité des différents systèmes.

Également l’usage des différents supports d’impression.

– T3 Frame
– Litebox : mur lumineux avec Led
– Wandlite : Tube Led 360°
– Affinity
– Easycube

NO LIMIT with TWIST – LOCK – CONNECT philosophy


Un coup d’œil sur les catalogues



We rent liteboxes for your events, stand or brand activation.

Any Size possible, we have the profiles in 98 and 122cm in stock


In the exhibition, retail and display industry, speed and accuracy are highly important. The T3 Litebox range is simple to assemble, modular in design and lightweight.

They can be efficiently transported in specifically designed bags and built by one person.

Create vibrant displays that drive foot fall, engage brand awareness and generate conversations with your target audience.

The entire T3 litebox range requires no tools during installation and dismantling. Simply TWIST – LOCK – CONNECT





  • Frame T3  : L400xH250cm

  • Included the Front print sublimation fabric with silicon edging

  • 1 week (rent 5 working days)

  • Installation not included

  • Price for pick up at our office with warranty

  • Production time : 2 weeks

  • optional : side & back decoration
         “*” launch price valid until 30/04/2018

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wanna feel like a superhero


7 Key benefits to using the T3 Systems.

The T3 Systems provides users with unlimited design and display flexibility and capabilities. It is turning some heads within the industry and allowing users to create eye catching and dynamic displays.

Why are so many companies turning towards the T3 Systems? Here are 7 key benefits to using the T3 System for all their display and event purposes.

  • Easy to transport and store

The entire range is modular. Large scale designs can be flat packed and stored efficiently into a range of cases and bags. Saving on logistical and storage costs

  • Customizable

Our profiles are produced in either standard of custom sizes. This provides complete product and system flexibility

  • No tools

The patented and famous twist lock assembly method means that no tools or levers are required to assemble T3 Frame solutions

  • Fast Build times

Due to its modular design and tool free assembly, structures take a fraction of the time to build. Saving on expensive labour costs

  • Lightweight Design

Developed to be a strong and lightweight solution, allowing for costs to be saved on packaging and transport

  • Modular Components

The framework system has been designed as a modular solution. This allows for displays to be reconfigured and redesigned efficiently.

  • Reuse and Reconfigure

Easily develop initial stands into more elaborate designs. By simply adding profiles and components structures can be completely reconfigured to reuse at different events and with different purposes.

TWIST – LOCK – CONNECT  :  Visit www.next-xpo.com & www.next-way.eu


The lightweight, low cost structures allow for the designers to have the utmost versatility and flexibility when it comes to the displays and messages they are looking to portray.

Having the ability to manipulate and reconfigure their designers on a continuous basis is a determining asset to T3 Easycube design.

The key to the T3 Easycube is in the individually designed features that make up the arsenal of the design. Comprised of counters, plinths and towers of varying sizes that can all be interchanged and locked together to make an unlimited combination of display structures.

T3 Easycube allows you to stay true to our simple core philosophy of




Next-way présente les services et divisions pour 2018.

Un aperçu de nos services : ( 25 ans d’expérience dans la production d’identité Visuelle )

  • Mise en page et Prépresse.
  • Production de vos impressions
  • Trading / optimisation de vos productions
  • Placement et logistique.

Nos Divisons spécialisées :

  •  Next-Xpo : Location et Vente de système Modulaire
  • Next-Mgt : Gestion projet et maitrise d’ouvrage
  • Next-Lab : Vente et placement de films techniques, film solaire, sécurité et film de décoration.

Plus d’informations sur : www.next-way.eu

XPO présente le Système Modulaire T3 et ses nouveaux services.

– Location du système T3, qui vous permettra de réaliser à peu près n’importe quoi : transport facile, temps montage réduit, nombreux types de supports imprimés possibles.
– Location de solution “clef en main” avec production des visuels et logistique.
– Vente du T3 pour vos événements, stand, conférence ou vente d’une solution complète sur mesure.
Le Système T3 est adaptable à l’infini, par exemple vous achetez un stand en coin de 4x3m, avec les mèmes profilés vous pourrez monter un arche, un mur droit, du mobilier etc.. “NO LIMIT”.
Intrigué, curieux, sceptique ou juste envie de voir : un démo de 5min. suffit pour montrer le principe
Plus d’informations sur : www.next-xpo.com ou par mail : info@next-xpo.com

The new T3 Litebox Redefining illuminated displays.

The T3 Litebox sets a shining example in illuminated features. Create displays that drive footfall, engage brand awareness and generate conversations with your target audience.
Being one of the most versatile and easy to build Lightbox available on the market is not just a broad boast. All our products have the ability to be altered and adjusted to fit all of your design and measurement requirements with a simple TWIST-LOCK-CONNECT

Why choose the T3 Litebox?

  • it requires no tools or levers for assembly
  • easy application of fabric graphics
  • free standing, wall mounted or suspended/ ceiling variations.
  • its modular design means easy storage and transportation
  • LED lights use 90% less energy and last 25 times longer compared to regular light bulbs.
  • light weight design means

More Info : www.next-xpo.com

Tailored displays for every occasion with T3 Affinity.

Low walls and barriers with T3 Affinity

Our modular framework system allows you to create ‘pony walls’ for all occasions. For retail, exhibition and conference purposes, they can be used for crowd barriers, stand demarcation or even as a shell scheme framework.
  • No limits to dimensions of your low walls.

  • All displays are assembled without the use of tools or levers and in half the time of other display systems.
  • The modular design means that long walls can be packed into compact, easy to transport travel cases helping to save on transport and storage costs. 
  • Incorporate a large range of retro fit accessories for your clients to use. All can be attached on a adhoc basis.




Renowned for its patented, modular twist lock assembly method. T3 Frame is developed to be one of the most versatile and innovative solutions in the creation of display solutions.

From dynamic and engaging exhibition environments to museums and conferences sets, the T3 Frame it can be used to fulfil every need.

With its range of accessories and multiple extrusions, its allows for complete flexibility and creative innovation when designing display solutions. All graphic options may be applied as well as custom and bespoke components: Profiles can be curved to almost any degree, angled components can be produced and tube sizes can be cut to within the millimetre.

When it comes to T3 frame it’s a simple TWIST – LOCK – CONNECT.

Visit www.next-xpo.com or send mail at  info@next-xpo.com