PokerStars Festival debut in Atlantic City, new Jersey – Large graphic display

Pokerstars project consisted of 26 stands ranging in length that were used for large graphic display.

The range of sizes was from the smallest 1 metre long x 2.5 metre high wall to the largest, a 18 metre long x 3 metre high wall.

Some of these stands were joined to make larger segmented stands, each containing unique images and messages.

The graphics consisted mostly of fabric and were mounted to the framework using either the 45° angle or Silverlite insert.

A Sintra board graphic were used for the ‘Information Desk’ stand and this was comprised of three panels which were mounted onto the framework using Velcro tape attached directly to the framework and graphic

Technics : T3 Frame
Distributor : Golden Strength USA
Build Times : 24 hours / 7 people