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The new T3 Litebox Redefining illuminated displays.

The T3 Litebox sets a shining example in illuminated features. Create displays that drive footfall, engage brand awareness and generate conversations with your target audience.
Being one of the most versatile and easy to build Lightbox available on the market is not just a broad boast. All our products have the ability to be altered and adjusted to fit all of your design and measurement requirements with a simple TWIST-LOCK-CONNECT

Why choose the T3 Litebox?

  • it requires no tools or levers for assembly
  • easy application of fabric graphics
  • free standing, wall mounted or suspended/ ceiling variations.
  • its modular design means easy storage and transportation
  • LED lights use 90% less energy and last 25 times longer compared to regular light bulbs.
  • light weight design means

More Info : www.next-xpo.com

Tag Archive for: backlights