Lintel Displays creates retail-inspired exhibition stand for X20 Vapes.

Using various adjustable T3 shelving solution, Lintel creates an exhibition display to help display various vaping products.


The brief for this project was that Lintel Displays was tasked to create an exhibition stand for X2O Vapes. X2O is a leading brand name in the vapour industry out of Dallas, Texas. The exhibition that X2O was attending was an opportunity for the company to showcase its broad range of product including hardware, e-liquid and accessories.  

They are always expanding on their product line with new and innovative products and sell them internationally in over 20 different countries including the United States, UK and China.  

X2O wanted to be able to showcase the products to visitors at the exhibition to increase their sales and promote the overall brand recognition.  


The design that Lintel presented to X2O was a 6m x 3m x 2.5m L shaped retail-inspired structure created using the T3Frame system and three presentation counters.  

The back wall featured shelving solutions so that X2O could display their wares to visitors. Created using the Channel shelf support adjustable (CODECHSSA) which allows for the shelves to be added and adjusted quickly and on-site. Ideal when you have products that are different sizes and require varying space for displaying.  

“This booth had many expectations that we had to make sure we met. We needed to make an exhibition stand that would display X20 their huge range of products in a safe and effective manner. The layout needed to allow sales staff to host many visitors on the floor space and it needed to allow multiple clients to look at the products in an close up manner.”

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The counters contained sliding door profiles with internal shelving solutions. This provided X20 with a space to store their stock of products. The lightweight counters could also be relocated to places on the stand where they were required most.


The assembly and installation of this retail exhibition structures took 3 members of the Lintel team 5 hours to complete. This including the mounting of graphics, installation of shelving and counters.  






Build Times



300 x 900cm

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