TecnaUK works with SATO UK to create an easy to reconfigure exhibition stand.  

Using T3Frame modular display system TecnaUK helps Sato UK to create a design that they could reuse and reconfigure for multiple exhibitions and their showroom.  


The brief given to TecnaUK by Sato UK was a simple but comprehensive one. Requiring a design that could be reconfigured and reused for multiple events and purposes. The exhibition stand design needed to be simple to build; high impact stand. It was then to be brought back and installed in their showroom, creating a consistent brand image to be established. One of the most critical facets of the brief was that the team at Sato UK needed to be able to quickly build and manage the stand themselves.   


The design of the Sato UK exhibition stand consisted of a 7-metre fabric back wall, with a protruding centre section on which the logo and other branding were situated. On either side of the protruding sections was a mounted TV monitor. These were mounted using monitor hooks, allowing for easy on-site adjustment. The stand also contained multiple fabric plinths, a reception desk and seating areas for visitors.  


After the team at Sato UK finished exhibiting at the Retail Business Technology Expo, the decision was to have the whole stand moved to their offices in Harwich, UK. Tecna UK visited their offices to redesign the original structure to make sure that it fit into the allotted space. One of the biggest adaptions was the change to the 7 metre back wall. Using pre-existing components owned by Sato UK, TecnaUK reconfigured the design to a 17-metre long back wall that fit better into the training room.  






Build Times



700 x 250cm

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