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The T3EasyCube solution allows for its standard counters, towers and plinths to be used individually or in clusters to give you optimal versatility when it comes to configuring your display space.

The lightweight, low cost structures allow for the designers to have the utmost versatility and flexibility when it comes to the displays and messages they are looking to portray.

Having the ability to manipulate and reconfigure their designers on a continuous basis is a determining asset to T3 Easycube design.

The key to the T3 Easycube is in the individually designed features that make up the arsenal of the design. Comprised of counters, plinths and towers of varying sizes that can all be interchanged and locked together to make an unlimited combination of display structures.

T3 Easycube allows you to stay true to our simple core philosophy of TWIST – LOCK – CONNECT

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Renowned for its patented, modular twist lock assembly method. T3 Frame is developed to be one of the most versatile and innovative solutions in the creation of display solutions.

From dynamic and engaging exhibition environments to museums and conferences sets, the T3 Frame it can be used to fulfil every need.

With its range of accessories and multiple extrusions, its allows for complete flexibility and creative innovation when designing display solutions. All graphic options may be applied as well as custom and bespoke components: Profiles can be curved to almost any degree, angled components can be produced and tube sizes can be cut to within the millimetre.

When it comes to T3 frame it’s a simple TWIST – LOCK – CONNECT.

Visit www.next-xpo.com or send mail at  info@next-xpo.com

T3 screen for Video Projection

Building of a projection screen with graphics and Velcro.

We receive only one mission: Build the screen (T3 screen) as rapidly as possible for the CEO conference of Proximus.

Of course we used the T3 framework for this job, the wall had 6 meters high by 4.5 wide. The graphics tension was made with Velcro sticks.

Thanks to BSC events for the trust.

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