ONS Conference with more exceptional T3 modular exhibition stands  


The brief for the project was for Bitmap Multivisual to create unique modular exhibition stands for multiple exhibiting companies at the yearly ONS Conference hosted in Stavanger, Norway.  

The ONS conference is one of the largest exhibitions in the energy sector and Bitmap has been providing exceptional design and exhibition services to its exhibitors for many years. Their list of clients was vast this year, with the exhibitors providing multiple types of services to the energy sector. With so many different services and products to help their clients showcase Bitmap needed to pull out all the stops when it came to their deliverables.  


Bitmap Multivisual are specialists when it comes to creating unique and eye-catching displays using the T3Frame display system.  

The outcome was everything to be expected from a company with so many years’ experience as Bitmap Multivisual.  

Some of the exhibiting companies required product display areas as well as customer interaction areas. Bitmap was able to include this into their designs easily. For the product display areas, alcove shelving spaces were created inside the display walls and counters. These designs are visible in the WELL PARTNER and INTERWELL displays. As for the customer interaction areas, these are visible in the ACHILLES, AUTRONICA, SAR and INTERWELL projects.  

Majority of the stands had incorporated tv monitors and screens. These varied between internally and externally mounted. T3Frame has multiple accessories that allow for the screens, LED panels and other solutions to be mounted and integrated flawlessly.  

The multiple modular exhibition stands were created using the T3Frame solutions’ airframe and fusion extrusions coupled with steel finishing. This allowed for the brilliantly printed full colour PVC roll up graphics to be mounted to the framework using magnetic tape.  


Bitmap was able to transport all these modular exhibition stands in the back of small van. Due to the modular design of the framework, all the components could be packed down into compact transport cases. Allowing for cost saving to take place with transportation and storage.  

A team of 6 people took 24 hours without the use of tools or levers to construct all 12 of the modular exhibition stands. As well as the design and installation of the display, Bitmap also provided a few services to thier clients including flooring, carpet installation and furniture rental. Proving that they provide an exemplary full service to all their clients. 

Bitmap delivered a fantastic result for this project. They were able to incorporate all requested features while creating structures that could be reused and reconfigured for other events. 






Build Times



250 x 80 x 30cm

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