Convertible exhibition stands created by Best Displays using the T3 Frame for multiple brands showcase.

The brief called for a design that would enable for the showcasing of two products by a single brand.

Element Nutrition needed to have stand that they could either configure to focus on a single brand or incorporate both brands in either sized display.

As seen in the featured images, the stand was displaying brand ranges ‘Boomer Nutrition’ and ‘IronKids Nutrition’.

The original and larger design was a 6m wide and 3m deep U-shaped stand that could be converted into two 3m x 3m stands for each product.

The full stand featured display bridges for each product, display counters and a large monitor to display a variety of promotional product videos to the attendees.

Technics : T3 Frame
Distributor : Best Displays & Graphics / Canada
Build Times : 4 hours / 3 people
Dimensions : 6 x 3m