The brief called for a stand to be designed that would allow Bombay Sapphire Gin company to showcase their products in variety of locations..

An L shaped stand was created a special requirement for this project was that the stand needed to act as a point of sale unit that would allow Bombay Sapphire to display and make sales of their variety of products.

It featured purpose built shelving units and illuminated graphics to draw in their potential customers as well as illuminate the products to full effect.

The product display case was created using fixed shelving inserts combined with Perspex shelves.

It also featured a monitor which was used to play a variety of promotional videos.

It was mounted onto the framework using the T3 monitor brackets. The graphics were mounted using a combination of the T3 Silverlite and 45° inserts.

The design also needed to have the side wall and back wall to be separate so that these sections could be used at different venues with different dimensions.

Technics : Litebox
Distributor : DISPLAYHOZ / Hungary
Build Times : 2 hours / 2 people
Dimensions : 380 x 170 ( H 240cm )