Best Displays uses trade show booth design to bring York Region’s technology companies together at Collision 2019.

Creating a multi-custom kiosk trade show booth using T3Frame, Best Displays meets a broad range of specifications perfectly.


York Region issued an RFP for the York Region Technology Pavilion for Collision 2019. The bidding process was highly competitive, with companies having to meet a broad range of specifications. BDG was the ultimate winner based on their tenders’ ability to meet the specifications, pavilion design and value.  

The York Region Technology was to be the Region’s first multi-party pavilion of this level of size and scope.  The trade show booth was to be attended by 11 companies, three innovation partners – two of which featured companies of their own, and three local municipal partners. This level of complexity, the inevitable competing priorities and the political pressures required BDG to deliver a pavilion design that met several objectives simultaneously 


The design of the 10m x 10m trade show booth consisted of multiple custom kiosks and a central meeting area. The custom kiosks were designed so that each participating company had their own presentation space and meeting area. The central area was identifiable by a tower and two PONG gaming stations.  

The custom kiosks were created using T3Frame and clad using a combination of the Silverlite and Silverlite 45° fabric graphic extrusions. Some kiosks were clad in multiple fabric graphics. A clean edge between these graphics was achieved by using the COMB fabric extrusion, which is a unique solution to T3Frame only. The kiosks were finished with all the necessary elements such as monitors, internet and prominent logos identifying each company’s area.  

This design provided the best utilisation of space to ensure all of the square footage was used effectively. It also provided all the partners/ municipalities with the elements they required. The trade show booth also featured a large overhead hanging banner and the 3D logos on the top of the 3-metre-high central tower.  This made it easily identifiable in the busy exhibition hall.

“This booth had many expectations that we had to ensure we met. We had to create a space for each participant to bring what they were wanted front and centre. It was challenging to accommodate all of them within the provided area. We needed to create a good visitor flow through for the booth as well as some storage facilities.” Laurie Daniels, BDG.


The installation of this trade show booth took 2 of the Best Display installation team 2 days to complete without the use of tools or levers at any stage. In this time the team mounted graphics, installed a wide variety of monitors and lighting for the stand and individual kiosks.  






Build Times



10 x 10m

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