Large fabric display walls created by Lintel Displays for Beaume Exhibition Stand.

T3Frame makes creating large scale fabric display walls easy. The modular design makes them easy to transport and the patented TWIST-LOCK method makes it fast and stress-free.


The brief was that Lintel Displays was tasked to create a large exhibition stand for Beaume Outdoor Products. As a manufacturer, importer and a wholesaler, the company has an outstanding range of products. The exhibition that Beaume was attending was an opportunity for the company to showcase their broad range of products to the public and attract other importers, wholesalers and retail agents to their products.  

Lintel Displays was tasked to create a stand that would allow Beaume to display their brand as well as a range of their products.  


The design that Lintel presented to Beaume consisted of multiple fabric display walls, a fabric L shaped counter and 3 fabric display cubes.  

The display walls were created using the T3Frame modular exhibition display system. Orientated in a double-sided manner. The walls ranged in size from 3 metres long x 4 metres high to 9 metres long x 4 metres high. 

The featured L shaped counter is created with the same framework and finished with fabric graphics. Counters created with T3 can accommodate any type of countertop, with multiple mounting accessories available. 

Take a look at the type of COUNTERS AND BARS that can be created using T3. 

The 3 fabric finished cubes each measured 0.4m x 0.4m and were stacked on top of a platform.  

The fabric mounting profiles used were the Silverlite and Silverlite 45° which allow for easy mounting of graphics and clean edges. 

“This booth was dominated by large fabric display walls to allow Beaume to make a big impression on the public. Normally these types of structures would be difficult to create due to the sheer size, but also difficult to transport to the venue. But with T3 this was not a problem for the project.”


The assembly and installation of the exhibition structures took a team of 3 people 4 hours to complete. This included the mounting of graphics, installation of lights and counters.






Build Times



900 x 700cm

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