GES help students to Think New Zealand when it comes to furthering their education.


The brief for this project was that Global Experience Specialists (GES) wanted to create a series of displays for their client Think New – Education New Zealand at the Palais des Expositions et des Congres (Palexpo) in Geneva, Switzerland.

The displays were to be created to help introduce and advertise the numerous university institutions in New Zealand. Yumark and GES have a long history of delivering professional and eye-catching displays for their clients.

The design process between Yumark and GES was in close cooperation with the client to create an exhibition space that would be effective and eye catching to visitors.


The design consisted of 9 modular display walls and 2 counters.

The modular display walls were created to act as advertising and information about the individual representative education institutions of New Zealand.

The dimensions of the display walls were 2.5m high x 2.5m wide. These were created using the T3Frame solutions’ fusion and channel extrusions coupled with steel and Silverlite graphic finishing. This allowed for full colour fabric and magnetic roll up graphics to be mounted onto the displays.

These displays were illuminated LED spotlights which TWIST – LOCK directly into the patented connectors of the T3Frame.

The 2 counters were created using the same T3Frame solution and finished with fabric graphics. To create clean edges for the counters the Silverlite 45° fabric solution was used.

Counter tops were placed on to the counter to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing finish to the structure. The lightweight design and nature of the counters allowed them to be relocated to areas of the exhibition space that required working or presentation spaces for visitors.


Yumark was able to transport these display structures in a few compact travel cases to the exhibition hall. Installation of all 11 structures took a team of 2 people half a working day to install without tools.

As well as the design and installation of the structures Yumark provided GES and New Zealand education a number of other services including raised flooring, carpet laying and furniture rental.Proving that their a provide an exemplary full service to all their clients.

Yumark delivered a fantastic result for this project. They were able to incorporate all of GES and Education New Zealand’s’ requested features while creating structures that could be reused and reconfigured for other events.

Technics : T3 Frame
Distributor : YUMARK
Build Times : 6 hours  / 2 peoples
Dimensions : 900 x 900 x H 500cm

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