the creatives discover the possibilities of T3 at Pure Digital Show.

Yumark and T3 Systems partnered up for this show to help the creatives in the print industry to expand on the service offerings. The T3 solutions were originally developed to help print houses and graphics companies to create innovative display frameworks to match their prints and digital displays. With the adaptability of the frameworks’ mounting capabilities it allows for a variety of graphic types to be used on the same display.

The brief for the project was therefore to design a multifaceted display that would effectively showcase all the possibilities that the T3 solutions provides to the creatives and how they could be implemented and adapted for their various design projects.

The L- shaped stand design consisted of a 4-metre T3 Frame fabric back wall which was covered by another T3 Frame wall mounted with angled clear Perspex and printed rigid panels that were fixed using a magnetic tape and steel finishing. It also featured a 3-metre high and 2.5 -metre wide T3 Litebox and a T3 Affinity retail section. Three display counters showcased the various graphic capabilities. The counter served as demonstrations for clients to be able to experience the ease and speed of assembly T3 displays as well as the versatility of attaching graphics.

The team at Yumark and T3 Systems worked hand in hand to make sure that this stand design would provide the event staff with the most effective demonstration and conversation points. Due to the digital nature of the show, a 3D animation was created to fully showcase the assembly process of the stand as well as how to add digital media to a T3 stand.

Technics : T3 Frame + Litebox + Wandlith
Distributor : YUMARK
Build Times : 3 hours  / 3 peoples
Dimensions : 400 x 300 x H 300cm

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