Screen projection for a Proximus press conference

For BSC Events, mounting a 5x5m projection screen.

The customer needed for a press conference a solution combining a background “fotocall” and a screen
projection 16/9.
Not to mention the constraints of complicated access, very short assembly time and tight budget.
Which is not really a constraint for our T3 system since the structure was in 2 small transport bags
of 20x20x150cm, the assembly time was 30minutes.
Mission accomplished.

Technics : T3 Frame
Distributor : Next-Xpo
Build Times : 30mins  / 2 persons
Dimensions : 500 x 500cm

Technical Information:

  • System  :  T3 Frame
  • Fixation :  Velcro
  • Print Production :  Banner

Size :

  • L : 500 x H 500 cm

Services  On  Demand:

  • 3D Design :  YES
  • Renting T3 :  YES
  • Print Production :  YES
  • Installation :  YES

Option :