T3 Affinity: The brief was to deliver seven equal stand areas for different sections of the HSE to use.

The challenges faced were that the room was on a first-floor level with a very small lift for access, and it had very low ceilings at just 2.4m, so a standard type shell scheme simply wouldn’t fit.

T3 Affinity proved to be an ideal solution as they were able to choose a flexible configuration so that the uprights could be just under 2m in height, allowing room for two LED spotlights to connect on top of every stand space and we chose two 1.2m cross bars for each booth.”

Their client only wanted 0.5m returns on each side, so cured wing panels were created.

Each individual booth used four 1m x 1.2m panels which were easily transported in the small lift, and for the two that requested it, we used the standard T3 monitor hooks.

We also linked the Affinity uprights using the new connector to our standard T3 bars to create a podium for laptops, which gave the system extra stability.

Technics : T3 Affinity
Distributor : Absolute Graphics / UK
Build Times : 4 hours / 3 people
Dimensions : 840 x 50cm