T3 Systems proves to be a winner again. BDG design award winning stand for Illumina Drive.

The brief called for the design and manufacture of a large exhibition stand that would allow Illumina Drive to showcase their new products and services.

Covering a floor space of 200 sq. ft., the design called for several unique features to be included to help Illumina Dive to display a variety of their lighting products.

The design consisted of a large backlit fabric T3 Frame light wall with two 4-foot bridges extruding for the wall at equal intervals.

It also had an internally lit fabric counter featuring a custom colour and textured counter top to match the backlit logo on the back wall and logo on the counter.

Illumina Drive wanted to use their own lighting solutions to illuminate the fabric wall and counter and mount their spotlight solutions into the bridges.

BDG could accommodate for this easily with the T3 Frame system due to its versatile design and broad profile.

Technics : T3 Frame
Distributor : Best Display & Graphics / Canada
Build Times : 3 hours / 2 people
Dimensions : 600 x 300cm