Les Ateliers creates a modular exhibition stand for homePad.


The brief for this project was that Les Ateliers was tasked to create a modular exhibition stand for homePad at a recent trade fair. HomePad is an application that can be used to digitally perform inspections of rental properties. The display that was to be created was to help introduce this application to the property and rental agency industry.  

What the team at Les Ateliers designed was an exhibition stand that represented a house that could be evaluated using the new app.  


The design for the modular exhibition stand consisted of a 4m long x 3m high back wall, a 1m x 1m storage area was then added to the design with an integrated door for the exhibition staff to store literature, products and other items. 

A removable sign was added to the exhibition stand design so that visitors could spot the homePad stand from the back and front and easily identify them in the busy exhibition hall.  

These structures were created using the T3Frame solution’s fusion and channel tubing extrusions which were coupled with a steel finishing. This allowed for the full colour magnetic roll up graphics to be mounted onto the displays.  

A bridge table was also created and connected to the storage room. It was designed to serve as an area for customer interaction. Above the bridge table was a mounted tv monitor which homePad used to play a variety of marketing videos and other promotional items. The monitor was mounted onto the framework using a monitor support hook which enables for almost any size of monitor to be mounted.  

Lastly a presentation counter was created using the T3Frame solution. This structure had integrated shelving and sliding doors so that homePad could use it for storage of literature and other items. The sliding doors were simply added by using T3Frame’s sliding door extrusion which fit into the channel of a fusion tube.  


Les Ateliers was able to transport the full modular exhibition stand with all its components in a single travel case. The whole stand took a team of 3 people 3 hours to install without the use of tools or levers at any point.  

Les Ateliers delivered a fantastic result for this project. They were able to incorporate all of homePad’s requested features while creating structures that were firstly easy to transport and reusable for other events and exhibitions.  






Build Times



400 X 300 cm

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