T3 Works: Exhibition stand to be created for the Active Pet Life to use at their next exhibition.

T3 Works created large magnetic roll-up display walls as well as four display counters.

These could be used as presentation areas and storage for product and the exhibition staff’s belongings..

The display walls were created using the T3 Frame modular system which was finished with steel tape to allow for the magnetic tape fitted onto the graphics to be seamlessly mounted.

The counters made use of the T3 Frame’s double panel door extrusion which allowed for sliding doors to be mounted effectively.

Each of these counters can be created by one individual in under 45 minutes, including the attachment of the graphics and the top counter piece without the use of tools for assembly.

Technics : T3 Frame
Distributor : T3 Works / Slovakia
Build Times : 1 hour / 1 people
Dimensions : 100 x 100 cm